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About us

Text International has been supporting companies across many different industries with premium-quality language services for more than 25 years. As a performance-driven international agency, our quality is backed by the professional skills of our native-speaking translators, copywriters, proofreaders, and journalists.

What we do

We master all aspects of professional translating and copywriting. Select a topic for further details.

Our core expertise lies in premium-quality translations. We communicate your message in a foreign language and make sure it is perfectly understood by your target audience. From corporate wording, to automated glossaries and translation memories, we manage long-term multilingual projects and handle your company’s information across all languages and markets.
Our professional editing team carefully proofreads and optimizes your copy. We check orthography and sharpen the style to improve accessibility and readability. Our mission: Make your message understood!
Text International services include copywriting in English, German – and many other languages. You provide the details and we team up with our copywriters to create everything from slogans or taglines, to presentations, press releases, corporate publications and websites.
Producing creative copy in English or German is more important than ever. Our workshops presented in cooperation with the Berlin-based Creative Game Institute teach your teams useful tricks of the trade and help them develop better copywriting skills.

What are the key criteria for buying language services? You’ll find ten of the most important factors here.


Our team: Native speakers from across the globe

Text International works with more than 400 experienced translators, copywriters and journalists worldwide. Many of these seasoned experts have been with us for decades and passionately share our company philosophy. This gives you the certainty that your information is correctly translated and adapted by a native speaker to sound natural in the target language.

The project teams working at Text International headquarters in Berlin are academically trained language professionals. You can always rely on us for expert support from start to finish.


Our clients

"Thank you very much! We're always amazed by your fast response times."Manager, sales, marketing and tourism, German automotive theme park
"GREAT! Our customer is happy and so are we! Many thanks for your outstanding service! Merci beaucoup! Muchas gracias! Grazie mille! THANK YOU!"Senior Project Manager, Social Media Marketing Agency
"Ta-da! Record time. I usually can't even get a German answer that quickly."Team leader, media production project management
"That was more than I expected. This is what makes you stand out as a modern service provider."Advertising agency owner
"Great! Many thanks. You provide a really fantastic service."Office management department of an IT solutions company
"We're impressed – by you!"Project manager, design agency & concept department
"Hats off to your translators. Many, many thanks! I am really delighted that you were able to help us so quickly!"Advertising agency, business location marketing department
"It's so nice when our partners understand how much we rely on them. That was perfect timing!"Design agency account manager
"I want to thank you for your professional support in helping us manage an unexpected challenge! Transforming an English B2B online brochure into a German B2C print brochure and having it ready within four days – that's what I call teamwork. Thank you for contributing to our success. A great performance!"Sales & tourism manager, automobile manufacturer's theme park
"The text is smooth and understandable – even for non-professionals. Everything fits perfectly. I admire the way you deal with some of the more difficult ideas and monstrous terms – lean and elegant!"Collector and author
“Thanks for two intense days in Berlin – my head is still packed with ideas on how to improve my writing. I enjoyed your way of teaching tips and how-tos – and I’ll certainly recommend this workshop to my colleagues!”Marketing expert for an automotive electronics developer
"Thanks again for your excellent and quick support. Without your help we would have never been able to get this done on time."Product manager for a leading refrigeration technology supplier
Monday, 1:00 pm: Express translation for a trade show flyer (Italian, Polish) Tuesday, 2:00 pm: Delivery to customer: “That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!”Advertising manager for a major German trade show company